Our yards are wonderful places of possibility.


What if your yard required less effort? What if mowing was…optional? What if you had a garden full of native flowers beloved by local wildlife as well as people?

Our yards are where we go to relax, find beauty, and share nature with our loved ones. But they can also create so much work for us. Why do we stress over lawns that need to be constantly mowed and spend money on plants we can’t seem to keep alive? 

 As an ecological landscape consultant and designer, I can offer you a better way. I work with clients who want environmentally friendly yards that:

·         Don’t take entire precious Saturdays to mow,

·         Showcase beautiful native plants,

·         Provide critical habitat for pollinators, and

·         Are a joy to spend time in.

Whether you are looking to retire your lawn mower permanently, keep plants alive for more than one season, or find a solution for that giant muddy spot in your backyard, I can help.

Why landscape consulting?

Most homeowners can’t afford to pay for a full landscape plan, or the cost of executing that plan. And many landscaping companies simply install whatever plants are least expensive at the nursery, without regard for their ecological benefits. I work with homeowners who want to be part of the process and are willing to do much of the physical work themselves, they just need guidance on what to do so their time and money are well spent. Instead of simply handing over a plan for someone else to install, I work side-by-side with my clients to help them understand how to create and maintain a vibrant, sustainable living landscape in their own yards. For more information, please visit the “Services" page.

Packera aurea - photo credit U.S. Forest Service

Packera aurea - photo credit U.S. Forest Service


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